Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rastagar-Woven traditions of Afghanistan

Punky Monkey Missions had a wonderful opportunity to acquire some beautiful, handmade outfits that were made in Afghanistan for 18" dolls like American Girls Dolls.

A little tag comes with each outfit and has the artists name and the design.  Each says,

"Rastagar supports the work of more than twenty women, most of whom are the primary wage earners for their families.  All of them have lived through the trauma of their husbands and other family members being maimed, tortured, traumatized or killed during the wars and so have left them as the sole providers for their families.  They are strong women and they are survivors."

Not only are you helping support Punky Monkey Missions by purchasing a doll outfit but you are also helping support these women!

Each outfit is unique and different from all others and one of a kind.  All outfits come with dress, pants, shoes and a head covering scarf called a burqa.  If you would like to purchase an outfit for a special doll in your life email me at

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