Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wreaths of Maine fundraiser

 We arrived home from a playing at the skate park and found this box just waiting for us!  Don't you love the big red bow and Seasons Greetings on the box? We were very excited to open this package from Wreaths of Maine.

We opened the box and found some cheery red wrapping paper inside BUT that wasn't all, we instantly smelled this aromatic smell like pine trees or Balsam fir.  Don't you wish computers had scratch and sniff?

Packed inside was this beauty!

We LOVE this double faced wreath!  It looks so inviting hanging on our front door.  Would you like to know where you can get a wreath just like this one?  Well, let me tell you about Wreaths of Maine.  Wreaths of Maine is a mail order Christmas wreath company that was started by a home schooling family in the 1990's.  Since we homeschool this is the perfect fundraiser for our family!  My sweet daughter Makenzie started Punky Monkey Missions a couple of years ago to help those in need like missionaries, adoptions, orphans and the homeless.  This is going to be one of her biggest fundraisers for the year.  If you would like to help Punky Monkey Missions make a difference please pop over to the Wreaths of Maine website and purchase a beautiful double faced wreath which will be shipped directly to your front door just in time for Christmas please be sure when you checkout  to enter Just Wedeminute's seller id which is #5061 so Punky Monkey will receive her commission check.

You can also sell these beautiful wreaths.  It's simple by going door to door, selling to friends and family and even online like we are.  Earning commissions from Wreaths of Maine can help with homeschool costs, dance, cheer or sports teams or just extra money for the holidays.  For more info on selling wreaths click here.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Custom made notepads

My mom and I just made a bunch of customized note pads out of cereal boxes, pop boxes and American Girl material.  They are only $1 each!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kuchie Classic

This design represents the clothing worn by a nomadic ethnic group of Afghanistan known as the Kuchies.  Often seen tending to their sheep, Kuchie girls and women wear brightly colored outfits with dangling beads and bracelets.  The artist for this outfit is Zora and the cost is $25.  The colors look pink and purple in the pictures but they are actually red and blue.

Karzai Stripe

Afghan women and girls, especially in the rural areas, often decorate their clothing and houses with beautiful handiwork.  The inset on the bodice of this dress is done in a variety of Afghan embroidery styles.  The material used in the dress was favored by President Hamid Karzai for ceremonial robes.  These traditional skills are kept alive as girls practice different kinds of embroidery by making coverings for tables and pillows.

The artist for this outfit is Enjelo and the cost is $25.

Night of Henna Guest Dress

Weddings are times of great celebration in Afghanistan.  This outift is one which would be worn by a guest invited to the festivities the night before the wedding.  Women who are close friends and family of the bride join together for a celebration that often includes dancing, eating, and putting henna on their hands and feet, signifying their joy and wishes for a happy marriage.

The purplish/lavender dress was made by the artist Hadeja and is $35

and the Burgundy and Green guest dress was made by the artisit Sakina and is also $35

Night of Henna Bride Dress

This outfit is worn by an Afghan bride on the night before her wedding.  Women who are close friends and family of the bride join together for a celebration that often includes dancing, eating, and putting henna on their hands and feet, signifying their joy and wishes for a happy marriage.

The artist is Mino and the cost is $35.00 for this beautiful green outfit.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hazara Classic

This colorful design represents the outfits worn by the Hazara ethnic group. Legend purports the Hazara people are descendants of Genghis Khan's conquests throughout the region dating back to the 12 Century.  Hazara women and girls commonly wear hats with their outfits and wear scarves over the decorative hats.
The artist is Aziza and the cost is $25

Zangirak Dozi

This is a light purple or lilac outfit with beautiful silver trim and has some muti-colored fringe trim on the bottom of the dress and scarf.  The artist is Atifa and the price is $25

Rastagar-Woven traditions of Afghanistan

Punky Monkey Missions had a wonderful opportunity to acquire some beautiful, handmade outfits that were made in Afghanistan for 18" dolls like American Girls Dolls.

A little tag comes with each outfit and has the artists name and the design.  Each says,

"Rastagar supports the work of more than twenty women, most of whom are the primary wage earners for their families.  All of them have lived through the trauma of their husbands and other family members being maimed, tortured, traumatized or killed during the wars and so have left them as the sole providers for their families.  They are strong women and they are survivors."

Not only are you helping support Punky Monkey Missions by purchasing a doll outfit but you are also helping support these women!

Each outfit is unique and different from all others and one of a kind.  All outfits come with dress, pants, shoes and a head covering scarf called a burqa.  If you would like to purchase an outfit for a special doll in your life email me at punkymonkeymissions@cox.net