Monday, December 21, 2009

Thank you Punky Monkey Missions supporters!

Just wanted to update everyone and let you know that since the news on 6 aired that story about Punky Monkey Missions she has had an overwhelming response! Just amazing how people have come together to help her! She's received yarn donations, friends offering to help her crochet scarves, donations from The Scrapbook Store in Owasso and many people have just wrote her a check, she received a large sum in the mail from an anonymous person and friends have stopped by and donated to her mission, WHAT A BLESSING! Thank you to everyone that has helped support Punky Monkey Missions over the past year. This year she is going to work on making it into a 501-3-C which is an actual charitable organization so if you have any experience in this area please let us know!

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  1. Hello, I just left a comment on our mom blog, but thought I would post it here to:)

    Wow! Your daughter is amazing! I watched the news clip and read her blog. What a wonderful girl, it brought tears to my eyes. That is perfectly fine if she uses are image as her label. I would love to donate a free banner for her blog and a grab button that people could take from her blog and put on their blog to promote her charity work. Becky-TCBOTB
    p.s. you can contact me at